International Office

The area of International Relations seeks to achieve an improvement in academic, scientific and human relations between Universities, Institutions and foreign industries, promoting the insertion of the students and other members of the Regional Faculty of UTN based in the city of Cordoba in tasks of special investigations or development and planning projects, encouraging them to acquire qualification and specialization in their respective discipline.

Our intention is to supply up to date information of callings and opportunities to participate in these practices, and politely invite you to help us to achieve more and better opportunities to grow academically and professionally.


Headquarters Alumniclub Karlsruhe (Karlsruhe Institut of Technology)


Miembros CEBECAF cebecaf

Miembros del Proyecto DE.Cba


Encontranos como alumni UTN-FRC y KIT-Alumniclub Argentina en:





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Director International Office:

Eng. Carla Allende


Opening Hours:

Monday to Friday 3 to 7 pm
SIQA office- 1st Floor - Main Building