Mission of the UTN


To form capable professionals for satisfying the needs of the industries within the regions and related to national issues, without leaving aside the cultural and humanistic formation that make them apt to fulfill their tasks with excellence in the companies and society.

Stimulate and develop applied investigation, analyze and formulate solution proposals to the problems of the national and regional industry. This is achieved by forming work groups, laboratory investigation, and service agreements, among others.

Establish and/or to consolidate tight bonds between the university and technical and cultural institutions, national and foreign, as well as with the industry and social and economic forces of the country, public and private, tending to the improvement and development of productive entities.


Develop the National Technological University as an autonomous and self-sufficient , open to all free men able to drive the development process of Argentina's economy , with a clear awareness of its commitment to the welfare and social justice , respect for science and culture and the need for their contribution to the progress of the nation and its component regions .

A University achieves compliance with its specific mission through :
a) training of skilled professionals to work in positions relevant workplace, through the actions of the university community that links scientific and technical knowledge with the world's most qualified areas of work, as people who cultivate the intellectual honesty and critical attitude , who appreciate the truth and freedom , who are interested in personal development and service to others, to respect the republican and democratic institutions and having a cultural formation oriented interdisciplinary integration of knowledge to act on behalf of society to which they belong .

b ) the promotion and development of research, studies and experiences necessary for the improvement and development of productive activities and providing scientific and technical assistance to public authorities and private organizations in the organization, management , development and promotion of the domestic production .

c ) the extension of its activities and services to the community in order to support their full development and transformation to a more just and fraternal society , to provide a better quality of life for its members , while establishing a close links with social, cultural and technical , domestic and foreign , production organizations and economic forces of the country.

To this end, in the context of accelerating technological world and market concentration, the National Technological University: