What is a scholarship?

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Is financial assistance for a person to develop academic activities (studies, research) or professional training (internships in companies or organizations). It can only cover the cost of studies (in the case of scholarships), or lodging expenses, place to stay, airfare, medical insurance and even language training courses.

Different Scholarships

Academic Scholarships (Financial Aids)

Financial support for studies usually Postgraduate: majors, master's, doctorate, or newer degrees, "diploma" or "license", concentrated in a few subjects and in one academic year. This support can realize through discounts or exemptions from school fees, or allocations of money to cover those expenses. In English this type of support differs between scholarship (financial aid to cover tuition and fees for undergraduate study), fellowship (monthly allowance to cover costs of advanced studies).

Research grants (Grants)

It is a financial support for research in a specific field. They can be aimed at advanced students or graduate students. In the latter case, often subsidizing the research that is the thesis either master's, doctoral or postdoctoral. These assignments generally cover costs directly related to the development of research (materials, equipment, etc.) And related academic education, but sometimes provide travel and stay in another country. In English is called grants to this type of support or grants in-Aids when the amounts of subsidy are lower.


There are travel grants and short stays in other countries. These types of scholarship are for students, professors and researchers.

Internships (Internships or traineeships)

These grants are for development activities in companies, organizations or research teams (materials, equipment, etc.).

Travel Aids

It refers to financial allocations to cover the payment of fees in the case of transfers for the development of academic activities in whole or in part. Generally, they supplement other scholarships (for study or research) that do not cover relocation costs, but they are interesting in cases of short trips academic activities (conferences, seminars).


Many universities offer accommodation on preferential terms in student residents. It is a kind of support that complements generally scholarships, research, exchange or internships that do not cover lodging expenses.


The agencies are offering grants of different types. On one side are the central organism of the country, foreign governments, which offer scholarships and grants in the framework of bilateral cooperation agreements with other countries or regions, and international agencies. On the other hand, you can find scholarships and grants offered by foundations and non-governmental national or international scientific and professional associations.

Importantly, in addition to scholarships available to them different agencies and institutions, there are opportunities directly universities in different countries. These opportunities change in different years according to the areas in which graduate students are required, with preference given to doctoral candidates.

Postgraduate scholarships that offered directly universities have different characteristics: they can be grants immunity from tuition only, scholarships in the form of teaching assistantship (payment of studies and a monthly allowance in exchange for helping a teacher academically), research assistantship (payment of studies and a monthly allowance in exchange for assisting in an investigation), fellowship (full scholarships). The most common are the first three categories; the "fellowships" are awarded usually college graduates with outstanding features usually in the field of research. In addition to the four categories previously mentioned, there are universities that offer a fixed amount that covers most of the studies or offering partial assistance in return for other work such as teaching a language, working on campus, work administrative, etc.

Minimum Requirements

In addition to personal and academic documentation, in general, both international and bilateral grants require its scholarship programs, the candidate has the college admissions in which want to do postgraduate studies, one of the first steps is contact with the house of studies to deal with it.


In general, most of the calls are governed by the northern hemisphere academic calendar, thus opening the call during the first four months of each year, to begin in September of that year. Normally the time for application before a grant is at least six months before the start of the course.

Airline Helps

O.I.M. (International Organization for Migration)

Audience: The program is designed for those who have obtained a scholarship, invitation or admission for doctoral, postgraduate, master, seminars, conferences or further abroad. If traveling with family (direct) must state the name and surname of the same which also granted him the discount.

Objective: To facilitate the transfer of the participants by providing discount on airline sites.

Discounts: Fare one way: 50% Return tickets: 50%. Excerpts of less than 3 months: 10 to 33%.

Handling Instructions:

  1. The agency or institution to which the applicant must belong to ordering off a note addressed to: Juan Carlos Garaguso Director of Multilateral Cooperation Ministry of Foreign Affairs, International Trade and Religion; Esmeralda 1212 Piso 12 (C1007ABR) Capital Federal. Tel: 4819 7460 Fax: 4819 7272.
  2. Such notice must be delivered to Mr. Diego Andres Molina, between the hours of 10.00 pm. to 13.00 and 15.00 pm. 17.00 hs. The note should seek the consent of the discount, indicate the initial and final destination of the trip, and must attach certification in respect thereof. NOTE. There must not be at travel agencies.
  3. Five days after delivery of the documentation attend the OIM to continue with the processing of the passage.
Reservations: OIM (Organización Internacional para las Migraciones) Av. Callao 1033 Piso 3° (1023) Capital Federal Tel.: 4815- 5194/5195/0329/0516 4816 6323 - Fax 4816-4596/7296 Fundación Aerolíneas Argentinas Colabora con pasajes y becas.0810-222-VOLAR(86527)

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