Historical Review

Imagenes de Cosas viejas

The Law 13.229 sanctioned the 19th August 1948, implemented a basic learning and qualification cycle in dependency of the National Training Committee (technical training courses), in order to provide to the industry, relevant and specialized technicians. In the second chapter, the law establishes the creation of the National Laborer University to be an institution of superior technical teaching, dependent of the National Learning and Professional Guidance, with the aim of forming integrally professional’s working class origin, designed to meet the needs of local industry.

The 7th October 1952, by the decree 3.014 approves the Regulation on Organization and Functioning of the University. A year later, classes began in the Regional Faculties in Buenos Aires, Cordoba, Mendoza, Rosario and Santa Fe. In 1954, classes began in the Regional Faculties Bahia Blanca, La Plata, Tucumán and Avellaneda.

The Law 14.855 sanctioned the 19th October 1959, split with the National Labor College of the National Learning and Career Guidance. From there it works integrated into the scheme of autonomy, and its name was that we have today: Universidad Tecnológica Nacional (UTN).

The 31st October 1962, the University Assembly approves the first Statute of the UTN, at that time existed eleven (11) Regional Faculties. The statute was revised and updated in July 1986.

The National Congress approves, in July 1984, the Law 23.068 destined to standardize National Universities, seriously affected by the military government measures. This law allows the beginning of the tasks destined to repossess all the constructive force that the university needed to rebuild the university education. In December 1986, and for more than 20 years that followed, the university has elected its own authorities though the University Assembly.