Academic Organization

The academic field that the University embraces is related to the engineering disciplines in their different specialties. The academic programs of every engineering career have a nominal duration of 5 years to receive the engineer degree, contemplating intermediate degrees.

The teaching methodology and orientation applied are consistent to the needs of the industry, conforming high level specialization engineer, commensurate with actual demands and capable of solving technological integrated, regional and national problems.

The Academic activities present some particularities compared to other superior study institutions; the theoretic-practical classes are dictated by the professor in charged with the collaboration of auxiliaries, and the presence of the class is obligatory. Also, class time are compatible with labor obligations.


Technological Engineer Profile

Our engineer is a professional trained to develop engineering systems and parallel apply existing technology, dedicated to the average, allowing it to be a promoter of change, with capacity for innovation of production knowledge, creating jobs and facilitating the development social.